PS3 Updates – It’s like watching paint dry.

March 23, 2011

Sorted the mail, did the laundry, walked the dog… checked to see if the latest update for the PS3 was done.  A little exaggerated I admit, but that’s the feeling I have at times when forced to download anything from the PS3 network.  It amazes me the length of time it takes to download a few MB and then the addition time you wait for it to actually install.  The one thing that escapes me is the PS3 is the best Netflix client I have and it streams full HD without a hiccup.  Anything that can do that shouldn’t have the download speed issues that we see during the update process.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Sony has some seriously slow servers.  The 360 on the other hand flies through updates with no issues.  Don’t get me wrong…  I like my PS3, but Sony needs to do some serious work on their network to improve this issue before long.

Why Blu-ray may kill the 360

May 4, 2010

I have to say that hands down the Xbox 360 has been the best console of this generation.  It by far has had more compelling first party experiences and overall multi-platform games have fared much better on the 360 than the PS3.  That being said as we head into 2010 the 360 is beginning to show its age next to the power house PS3.  Games like Uncharted 2 have shown what the PS3 is capable of and titles like Dragon Age looked better on the Ps3 due to the uncompressed graphics made possible by the Blu-ray disk capacity.  Another indicator on the age of the 360 are titles such as Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII both of which have release on multiple disks due to the space constraints of the DVD format.  These are early indicators, but the PS3 is positioned much better for a longer life-cycle than that of the 360.  I still say the 360 has the better library but that can only carry you so far.  One has to think, that with its limited disk capacity coupled with a lack of processing power compared to the Ps3, that Microsoft has to be well into the planning stages for the next console release.  Let’s just all pray that the next one doesn’t have the failure rate of its big brother.