PS3 Updates – It’s like watching paint dry.

Sorted the mail, did the laundry, walked the dog… checked to see if the latest update for the PS3 was done.  A little exaggerated I admit, but that’s the feeling I have at times when forced to download anything from the PS3 network.  It amazes me the length of time it takes to download a few MB and then the addition time you wait for it to actually install.  The one thing that escapes me is the PS3 is the best Netflix client I have and it streams full HD without a hiccup.  Anything that can do that shouldn’t have the download speed issues that we see during the update process.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Sony has some seriously slow servers.  The 360 on the other hand flies through updates with no issues.  Don’t get me wrong…  I like my PS3, but Sony needs to do some serious work on their network to improve this issue before long.

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