The Old Republic

I was a late arrival to the MMO world be it from the fear of possible addiction or the dislike I have for playing games with people I don’t know.  I started WOW for the first time in 2007 and liked the game very much.  When I started I was playing with a few friends but then branched off and played it much like a single player game.  I actually played my now main from level one to sixty grouping only twice.  Though the game is designed to be played in groups I found it very satisfying playing from a “Loaner” aspect.  Though at times it took a great deal of strategy I found that I could complete most quests on my own.  This brings me to the Old Republic.  Being a Bioware fan this is now my most anticipated game.  If Bioware can deliver on the promises that have been made for TOR this project could re-define gaming as we know it.  What especially excites me is that the game is being designed from the ground up to be played as a single player experience if you choose to do so.  It is great to be in a digital world with the living I just don’t necessarily want to have to interact with them if I choose not to do so.  I think this aspect will pull in a much wider audience such as Action RPG, Bioware and KOTOR fans,  If I’ve seen anything that had the potential to compete with WOW this is it.  I’m still debating on giving Cataclysm a go, but I do plan to drop everything the minute TOR hits my hands.  I’m planning to roll an Alliance jedi and Empire bounty hunter and I honestly can’t wait.

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